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Research shows that there is a large gap between the way, big business owners and small business owners think; big businesses and small businesses are managed; and the income that big businesses and small businesses receive.  What most small business owners do not know, is that there shouldn’t be.  If you really want to become a successful business owner, a big business owner, it’s time to close that gap.


HISE Consulting Group, LLC is a team of experts that provide business development solutions that are designed to optimize business performances by improving process focus and efficiencies; and fostering a learning environment.
Services include solutions in key areas such as business setup, business planning, strategy development, operation development, employee training, performance management, financial/audit management and business acquisitions.

Operations Manuals
Project Management
Value Optimization
Value Optimization is our term for identifying opportunities and resolve any problem within your business.  Our main goals are to immediately understand your customer needs, structure your business processes to meet those needs, and sustain high quality performance
When you absolutely, positively have to meet a project deadline, give us a call.  Project Management is the most needed skillset that all business owners need to possess, but do not.  Bring HISE on your team and complete your project on time and within budget.
After 20+ years of consulting, business planning and strategy development, we've learned that the only thing more important than the planning phase of your business, is the execution of that plan.
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