Our Approach
Overall Approach
Our overall approach to helping your business improve is a simple 5-stage intervention strategy.
Stage 1:  Organization/Department Diagnosis
The purpose of this stage is to obtain an undistorted view of the problems, issues and processes pinpointing change targets and criteria.  A complete diagnosis of the organization in this stage involves evaluating the company’s mission, goals, policies and procedures, training, implementation procedures and performance management as they relate to the customer (internal and external) requirements and needs.  This stage defines your organization as it currently operates.
Stage 2:  Goal Setting/Action Planning
The purpose of this stage is to establish the company’s specific goals, strategies, policies and procedures, and measurements so that they meet the company’s customer (internal and external) requirements and needs identified in Stage 1. This stage defines your company, as it should be.
Stage 3:  Process Intervention
This stage involves implementing the action plans created in Stage 2, that foster effective ongoing behaviors, structures, and processes that meet the customers’ requirements. 
Stage 4:  Evaluation
The purpose of this stage is to determine the effectiveness and efficiencies of the
intervention used in stage 3 by reviewing customer and process measures.
Stage 5:  Improvement
In this stage of development, we tweak interventions to optimize the company’s